What is a Tribe?

A tribe is a group of wastelanders with a group identity and story. Individuals who have come together, and go all out and build a group identity through coordinated costumes and/or themed encampment. The minimum number of individuals forming a tribe is 4 or more members.

Wasteland Weekend is the great gathering of tribes. A place where all the factions, gangs, and fractured remnants of society come together on neutral ground to trade, barter, party, and make new alliances.

Tribes may camp in any of the theme zones that best fits their look and individual apocalyptic vision. Tribes with a fully-themed camp can request placement within Wasteland City. Tribes that have something fun to offer our attendees, and have attended Wasteland Weekend in previous years, will get priority placement and assigned space.

Tribes who want to be close to the action within Wasteland City must adhere to a few guidelines. Wasteland City is a fully 100% themed area. That means campsites, costumes, and vehicles must all follow a post-apocalyptic theme. No new tents, brightly colored tarps, shiny new cars, or anything that breaks the visual immersion. Wasteland Weekend reserves the right to prohibit any vehicles, structures, or items that are deemed unfit for the look within Wasteland City.

Read the guides, brainstorm, and gather your tribe.

Wasteland Weekend reserves the right to prohibit any vehicles, structures, or items it deems unfit for the look of the themed area. (Any unfit property can be stored outside the gates of the themed area in the general camping area or simply be hidden from view.) We are trying to create a convincing 360-degree post-apocalyptic environment. We appreciate your contribution in this and we hope you understand.

Note: A tribe is not the equivalent of a “theme camp.”  Tribes are about people creating a group identity. It’s not about square footage, or geographical placement. You don’t even need to set up a campsite or bring a vehicle (although it would be ideal). You can just be a tribe.