2015 ticket tiers are available in limited quantities. The earlier you buy, the more you save. Once a price tier runs out, the next price tier becomes available, and so on. Tickets from each tier are the same, the only difference is price (i.e. there are no VIP tickets).  There is currently no attendance cap for this year.

Tier 5 (Unlimited): $110 STILL AVAILABLE!
Tier 4 (Limited): $95 sold out
Tier 3 (Limited): $80 sold out
Tier 2 (Limited): $70 sold out
Tier 1 (Limited): $60 sold out

To prevent hoarding  of the less expensive tickets, you may only buy FIVE of the tier 1 tickets at a time (you can always click through again to buy more). You may buy TEN of tier 2 at a time. Tier 3 goes up to twenty.

NO TICKETS WILL BE SOLD AT THE GATE. Use your smart phone instead.

NO REFUNDS. Be sure you have read the event rules BEFORE you have purchased your ticket so that you understand all of our policies:

While you’re at it, read our FAQ as well:

Changing names on tickets: You can easily edit the name and info on your ticket (great for a ticket transfer or sale) by logging into using the email address you used for your ticket purchase!

Any questions or requests should be directed to: wastelandweekend(at)gmail(dot)com