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After much interest from the Wasteland community, Wasteland Weekend is proud to offer a series of collectible art posters commemorating Wasteland events past and present.

Thanks to the hard work of talented artists within our community, we’re offering a limited-edition art poster to mark each year of Wasteland. In addition, there is a fourth poster that will be mass produced and priced so that any wastelander who wants it should be able to afford it.

Profits from these posters will go directly to the artists who created them.

There will be four poster designs this year. One for 2010, one for 2011, and two for 2012 (one limited, the other unlimited). In future years, there will be two designs, the limited-edition print, and the mass-market print.

All of the three limited run will be premium printed in a strictly limited edition of only 50 signed and numbered copies. The price is $25 each, plus shipping. If you buy all three posters at once, there is a $5 discount for a total of $70 plus shipping. Also, anytime you buy more than one poster at once, the shipping on subsequent posters is free.

You may only buy two copies of each poster per address. (So if two wastelanders live together, they can each own one full set. If you live alone, lucky you, you can own two full sets).

All posters will measure approximately 13 x 19 inches.

Here are the three posters: (Click on the images for larger versions)









Wasteland Weekend 2010, by Vanessa Zuloaga.










2011 by Robert Burrows.










2012 by Tom Denney.



Also for 2012, Ray Smyth has created this poster.











This poster will be unlimited and priced at only $10. This poster does qualify for free shipping after the first poster if you choose to buy more than one at a time, or to combine it with the limited edition set. If you want ALL FOUR posters, the price is $80 plus the shipping cost of one poster. Also, we plan to have this poster available for sale at the event itself, so you can pick it up in person and avoid shipping costs. The limited run posters MAY be available at the event, if they are not sold out by then.


See the paypal selection buttons below. Select carefully to be sure you’re getting the poster you want. Shipping in the continental U.S. is $13. This covers the cost of priority mail shipping in a heavy crush-proof tube. You may combine up to 6 posters in one tube for the same shipping price. If you live outside the continental U.S., choose “local pickup” and then email us at: jwbwrites (at) g mail dot com to let us know what country you are in. We will then invoice you with the shipping costs.

PLEASE NOTE: Your payment is a non-refundable pre-order. Posters may take 4-6 weeks to arrive to you (hopefully less). Alternatively, if you want to pick the posters up yourself (in the L.A. area) we may be able to arrange that and save you shipping costs.

Payment will be via paypal only. We will post notification here when each poster sells out (along with on our Facebook page). If you don’t see “SOLD OUT” written on this page, then the poster you want is probably still available. But there could be a few minutes delay between when a poster sells out and when we can update our website, so completing your paypal payment does not necessarily guarantee you a poster. Obviously, if you place an order after a poster sells out, your money will be refunded. Otherwise, there will be no returns and no refunds on these items.

You can discuss the Wasteland art poster series HERE.

Order forms:

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If you want just the non-limited $10 poster on its own, they will be available at Wasteland Weekend starting September 27th, 2012. After that, they will be available via this website. The run will not be limited, but it will be ordered in batches, so they may go out of stock from time to time.