Attention performers!

Do you spin fire? Spin music? Dance? (burlesque, fire, go-go, belly dancing, etc.) Are you an experienced stunt performer or a skilled combatant that wants to thrill the mob in post-apocalyptic gladiatorial combat?

We are looking for acts for Wasteland Weekend 2014! From the creative, to the bizarre, to the brutal and mad. Bring your talents to the apocalypse!

Performers at Wasteland Weekend are volunteers (meaning they perform for free). But they can get comped admissions and other perks (depending on the type of performance and size of your troupe). And given the visual nature of our event, it’s a great place to get photos and video of your performance (and we always have great photographers with us in the wasteland). You also get permission to arrive and set up camp early, media exposure (we have had coverage in the past by the Associated Press, G4 TV, Wired, Loaded U.K., L.A. Weekly, io9, and others), and most importantly, it’s a hell of a lot of fun.

PLEASE NOTE -┬áIf you are a DJ: We had a very full roster of DJs at last year’s Wasteland Weekend and we expect most of them to return this year. So while we will always try and consider new DJs, it is very likely that we will not be adding many (if any) new DJs for this year.

All bands and other performers should contact our Entertainment Director via the form below: