Entertainment Lineup 2013

Celsius fire

              Wasteland Weekend 2013 has a variety of entertainment in store for you! (Lineup subject to change) The full daily/hourly schedule of events can be downloaded here: WW event schedule 2013 (printouts of the schedule will NOT be available on site)   MUSIC - All of our great bands and DJs for this year’s event have ... Read More »

Music 2013

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Wasteland Weekend features live bands and DJs, bringing you a variety of hard-driving music for your post-apocalyptic soundtrack. Full schedule with days and times here: WW event schedule 2013 (Lineup subject to change) - This year, we have an all-new custom-built wasteland stage.               And we’re fortunate to be featuring pro performance gear provided by ... Read More »

Official Wasteland Weekend 2013 Press Release


The Party At The End Of The World “If life after the apocalypse will be anything like Wasteland Weekend… then go ahead and push the red button”. – WIRED “A front row ticket to the end of the world” – ATTACK OF THE SHOW (G4) “If you’ve ever fantasized about living in the world of the Mad Max movies, you ... Read More »

Bounty Hunting In The Wasteland


As part of the approved tribe-genarated entertainment at Wasteland Weekend, the Rust Devils have put together an in-theme way to enjoy the event, meet new people, and earn valuable bottle caps to gamble with at the casino. Are you ready to hunt… The Most Dangerous Game?               THE RUST DEVIL’S PRESENT BOUNTY HUNTING IN ... Read More »

The Boulet Bros To Host Wasteland Style Awards

Boulet Bros WW

This year’s Wasteland Style Awards (otherwise known as the costume contest) will be hosted by the Boulet Brothers.                   It may be the end of the world, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to look your best. And by best, we mean covered in dirt, scavenged handmade armor, and possibly blood. ... Read More »

A Toast To The End Of The World – At the Wasteland Bar

Atomic Cafe lit

A Toast To The End Of The World The ultimate post-apocalyptic backyard bar               The apocalypse seems to be on everyone’s minds these days. Whether it’s a Mayan countdown, an economic meltdown, or a zombie hoedown, people are prepping for it, stressing about it, or watching movies about it. There are countless books and ... Read More »

Event Schedule 2012


WASTELAND WEEKEND 2012 SCHEDULE: This schedule is subject to change. We will NOT have printed versions of this schedule at the event, but you can download a PDF here: WW event schedule, and please always check the large chalk board next to the main stage for the latest schedule updates. In addition, we will have a TEXT SERVICE during the ... Read More »