The World’s Largest Post-Apocalyptic Festival

WW 2015 Tickets on Sale Now!

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Tickets on sale now for Wasteland Weekend 2015! CLICK HERE FOR THE TICKET PURCHASE PAGE Or go to There is no cap on overall ticket sales at this time. VOLUNTEERS AND PERFORMERS: Volunteers and performers CAN earn free or discounted tickets to the event, but volunteer and performer recruitment will not be launched until well after tickets go on sale. Unless ... Read More »

Mad Max Fans Prepare to Live the World of Fury Road

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For anyone under 30, Fury Road will likely be the first time they see a Mad Max film in a movie theater. But as George Miller’s amazing new film creates a new generation of fans (and reignites the guzzoline-filled passions of the older ones), they’ll quickly find that there is already a growing fan community ready to initiate them. Read More »

Mad Max Fans Take Over L.A.’s last Drive-In for Fury Road


Mad Max Fans Take Over L.A.’s last Drive-In for Fury Road So what do you do when you’re a hardcore fan of all things post-apocalyptic and George Miller releases his first Mad Max film in 30 years? Well, first of all, you attend the movie in full costume, as many fans have done all across the country (and the world). ... Read More »

The Best Moments of WW 2014


Curious what Wasteland Weekend is all about?  Are you already part of our mad world and want to relive some of 2014’s best moments? Strap on your dusty seatbelt, hold on, and get ready for an intense ride.   Once you’ve caught your breath, the wild ride continues over on our VIDEOS page. Read More »

Featured Costume Maker: Dimitri Zaitsev


In the fall of 1998, I was a thirteen year old kid with a penchant for science-fiction, living in the suburbs of Moscow. I remember buying my first badly translated copy of Fallout-2 and putting the CD into my brand-new Pentium-1 computer. Long story short, it has changed my life forever. The apocalypse just got hard-coded into my heart I ... Read More »

The World’s Greatest Gathering of Post-Apocalyptic Vehicles

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Wasteland Weekend is well established as the most amazing gathering of post-apocalyptic cars EVER! We’ve got them coming in from all across the country (and even OTHER countries!) You’ll see old fan-favorites as well as cars making their Wasteland Weekend debut. Here are just some of the machines you can expect to see tearing up the desert: The Humungus Machine (the first ... Read More »

Official Wasteland Weekend 2014 Press Release

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The Party At The End Of The World “If life after the apocalypse will be anything like Wasteland Weekend… then go ahead and push the red button”. – WIRED “A front row ticket to the end of the world” – ATTACK OF THE SHOW (G4) “If you’ve ever fantasized about living in the world of the Mad Max movies, you ... Read More »

Thanks to all for an amazing WW 2014!

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More official videos and photos are still coming in (as well as media coverage). While we take time to sort through it all and update our site (not to mention planning for 2015!) here is just a sample of what went on at Wasteland 2014: First, this badass highlight reel: CLICK HERE: 2014 HIGHLIGHT REEL And then, this epic and heartfelt tribute ... Read More »

Music 2014


Wasteland Weekend features live bands and DJs, bringing you a variety of hard-driving music for your post-apocalyptic soundtrack. (Lineup is always subject to change) The full entertainment schedule, including music, can be downloaded here: WW event schedule 2014 –   Our main stage will again proudly feature pro performance gear and staff provided by LAST MINUTE SOUND & LIGHTING, INC. – –   ... Read More »